March 21, 2019

Are there any fees to use Hirescapes?

No, it's free for homeowners to use Hirescapes. We offer full access to our inspiration board, project consultants, and project management tools, all for free.

I have a project in mind. Where do I start?

Take a look at our inspiration board, it's the best place to start planning your project. Get ideas from the top local hardscape contractors, see what's available for local materials and get inspiration from actual projects.

I know exactly what I want for my hardscape project, now what?

That’s great! Tell us about your project and schedule a call to go over all the details with a project consultant, who will finish completing your job brief before your project is posted on Hirescapes.

Do I have to meet with a project consultant?

No, if you know exactly what you want, including all the project details, then you can work with a project consultant over the phone instead of having an onsite visit. Project consultants may request additional photos and information about your project, prior to posting it on our platform.

What if I am not sure about the details of my project?

Don’t worry, our project consultants work with you to determine all the required information a contractor needs to provide an accurate estimate. Simply fill out the project form the best you can, and one of our project consultants will contact you to review the project. To learn more Hirescapes project consultants, click here.

How do I know if a contractor is qualified?

We make sure every contractor on the Hirescapes platform is vetted, screened, and licensed. Our extensive application process determines contractors’ specialties and matches their skill set to project requests. We do reference checks speaking with previous customers and if necessary, perform onsite visits if the contractor is new to the industry.

I’ve received quotes from multiple contractors. Now what?

Review each contractors’ profile and view their past projects. Choose your favorite contractor and schedule a site visit. It’s that easy!

Do I have to communicate with my contractor only on Hirescapes?

We recommend using Hirescapes for all communication with contractors on the platform. In case you need to go back and read through a conversation, everything will be stored on our platform.

How does payment work?

Our secure platform allows you to add your bank account or a credit card. We collect funds in an escrow-like account, where payment is delivered as agreed upon milestones are reached. When the project is completed to your satisfaction, you approve the release of the final payment.

Can I leave feedback for my contractor?

Of course! Once your project is complete and payment has been settled, you will be encouraged to leave feedback (star rating and comment) for your contractor. Feedback will be used internally for project consultants to assign future work.

How do I access an invoice for tax purposes?

We save all project invoices in your account. Simply click on your project, then on the “Contract and Manage” project tab. You will see a “View Invoice” link next to paid invoices.

Will contractors bother me with calls or emails?

No, your contact details remain private and contractors are only able to see the project details and city/state.

What happens if I receive estimates or proposals but don’t move forward?

We understand things happen and projects are put on hold for various reasons. If you run into a problem, please reach out to your project consultant and they will pause your project. Your project will be saved in your account for when you are ready to resume.

What happens if I want to add or edit my project?

If you want to add an accessory like a fire pit or change the project scope from the proposal, you can message your contractor as soon as possible and they will submit a change order for your approval.