Hardscape Contractors - How to Make the Most Out of Hirescapes

Whether you're just starting out as an independent hardscape contractor or you’ve been in the business for over thirty years; Hirescapes’ platform and services can benefit your company in ways you’ve never imagined.

Founded by Hardscape Veteran Joseph Masciovecchio, Hirescapes is designed to bring more efficiency when running a hardscape company while also helping you grow your business. We understand the inefficiencies that plague the hardscape industry and how valuable contractors time is, so we’ve decided to do something about it.


We are not just another lead generator site, like Homeadvisor or Angie’s list. Those sites are known from providing contractors dozens of unqualified leads, charging for leads you don’t want and have you running in circles chasing customers. Hirescapes is only focused on the landscape construction industry and has a passion for helping contractors. That's why we built our company from the ground up focused on delivering the most qualified leads, streamlining the estimate process and providing contractors all the tools necessary to run and grow their business more efficiently.

So how can you make the most out of Hirescapes?

Apply to join Hirescapes! Our process is simple and our site is easy to navigate. First, we will ask you a series of questions to get to know you and your company, and your project experience. We may request a site visit to one of your recent projects. We do this to protect the integrity of the contractors on our platform and ensure customers work with only the most trusted, professional contractors.

Now that you’ve set up your account, it's important to upload past projects to your profile. Your profile will be visible to customers when they go on our site, and when you submit estimates. The pictures that you upload to your profile will also be displayed in our inspiration board which is visible to the public as well. This is where customers can view and save pictures of your projects, which increases your chances of customers going onto your profile. To learn more about how this works, read ‘How to Get Recommended for More Hardscape Projects’.


It’s important to make sure your company profile is accurate and all the information is up-to-date. Hirescapes software uses algorithms to help contractors find the projects that are most ideal for them. When a customer submits their project to our platform, we recommend the best contractors to submit estimates, ideally you. If you view a project and it does not interest you or fit you into your schedule, you can simply decline the project with no repercussions.

Bid on as many projects necessary to fill your schedule. One of the most costly and time-consuming parts of owning and running a hardscape business is the countless hours spent driving around providing estimates to homeowners. This can be frustrating, with most of them resulting in uneducated customers just price shopping, completely unaware of the investment involved or the project not being what you expected. Hirescapes has resolved these inefficiencies with our Hardscape marketplace. Contractors who join Hirescapes will be able to bid on qualified projects that have been approved by a Hirescapes project consultant. This allows you to provide accurate estimates, without having to go onsite first.


It’s essential that you submit your estimates and site visit availability as soon as possible. Once you’ve submitted an estimate to a project, it will be up to the customer to review your estimate and profile then decide if they want to move forward with a site visit and receive a final proposal from you. If you have been selected for a site visit, Hirescapes has streamlined the entire sales process for you, thus increasing the chances of you landing the project. To learn more about How Hirescapes Streamlines Your Sales Process.

Now that you understand how to make the most of Hirescapes, Apply to Join and start running your business more efficiently!

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