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Homeowners - How to Make the Most Out of Hirescapes

If you’ve ever planned a hardscape project, you’re familiar with the challenges that come with it. It starts with trying to find the best contractor for your project…

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Hardscape Contractor
Hardscape Contractors - How to Make the Most Out of Hirescapes

Whether you're just starting out as an independent hardscape contractor or you’ve been in the business for over thirty years; Hirescapes’ platform and services…

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Grow Business
How Hirescapes Can Grow Your Business

Running a small business can be stressful, and we understand that. From chasing leads, driving to estimates who aren’t serious, following up with proposals…

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Project Photo
How Your Project Photos Can Get You Hired

As we all know, in the hardscape industry your photos are assets that show the value of your company, your creativity and showcase what you’re capable…

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Save Money
Top 6 Ways to Save Money on Your Hardscape Project

Are you thinking about enhancing your backyard with a new hardscape project? Before you start creating your exciting new outdoor living space…

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Project consultant
Save Time and Money Working With a Project Consultant

When it comes to hardscapes, most people don’t even know what it is or the options they have to choose from, nevermind knowing how to plan a hardscape project…

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Project Factor
What Factors into the Cost of Your Project

When planning a hardscape project, have you ever wondered why estimates from different contractors vary yet the project description remains the same?

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Project Manage
How Hirescapes Can Help Manage Your Hardscape Project

You’ve been saving up for your new outdoor living space, you’ve spent months searching for ideas and inspiration…

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Find best contractor
Find the Best Contractor For Your Hardscape Project

Planning a hardscape project is exciting! You get to look at photos to get ideas, talk about the possibilities with your spouse, friends and family and visualize...

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Guide for contractor
A Guide for Contractors: Submitting Bids, Proposals and Requesting Payments

Hirescapes was specifically designed to offer contractors a more efficient way to bid on projects, communicate easily…

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Guide for customer
A Guide for Homeowners: Planning, Hiring and Paying for Your Project

Hirescapes was specifically designed to help customers plan their project, protect them from overpaying, and improve…

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Guide for customer
Hot Hardscaping Trends for Summer 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a great year for homeowners. The real estate market, which was down for a while, has started to pick back up again.

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Guide for customer
Choosing Between the 6 Most Common Types of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are mainly used to prevent soil erosion. They can also block water runoff, not to mention they serve…

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