About Us

Hirescapes is the leading managed marketplace for Hardscaping services in North America. Everyday, we help home owners discover the best contractors for their hardscape projects while helping contractors find the best projects to grow their business.

Founded by Hardscape veteran Joseph Masciovecchio, Hirescapes is focused on saving customers and contractors time, money and frustration so that everyone wins.


Our services

For customers

Hirescapes provides customers a service and platform that helps them get ideas, plan their project and hire the best contractor. Hirescapes uses a combination of industry experience and technology to make your hardscape project more affordable, and less time consuming.

For contractors

Hirescapes streamlines the entire sales process. By providing contractors a more efficient way to provide estimates, communicate with customers and simplified payment solutions so contractors are able to focus on growing their business.

Our Mission

To make hardscaping more accessible to more people, so that more hardscape contractors can succeed and the overall hardscape industry can advance.

Our Vision

A frictionless way for hardscape customers and contractors to work together.

Our Impact

Hirescapes creates a market and transparency that ensures customers a fair price and companies of any size a chance to compete.

Hardscaping projects simplified

The most efficient and effective way to complete your hardscape project